Henry VIII and his Queens

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Henry VIII 1491-1547, King of England 1509 - 1547

Catherine of Aragon 1485 1536, Queen of England 1509 - 1533, divorced
Anne Boleyn 1501- 1536, Queen of England 1533 - 1536, beheaded
Jane Seymour 1508 - 1537, Queen of England 1536 - 1537, died following childbirth
Anne of Cleves 1515 - 1557, Queen of England 1540, divorced
Catherine Howard 1523 - 1542, Queen of England 1540 - 1541, beheaded
Catherine Parr 1512 - 1548, Queen of England 1543 - 1547, survived Henry

Soundtrack: Pastime With Good Company by King Henry VIII, orchestrated by Dr Stephen Ades

Original Images used in creation of the morph:

Pictures of Henry    Pictures of Henry's Queens    Pictures of Locations

Pictures of Henry

Bust of a young boy, possibly Henry, by Guido Mazzoni,
1498. Acquired for the Royal collection by Henry VIII

Henry the boy king 1509,
artist unknown

Henry as a young man 1520, artist unknown
Henry attrib. Joos van Cleve 1531

Henry by Hans Holbein the Younger 1536/7
Henry 1540, school of Holbein

Henry 1542, school of Holbein

Pictures of Henry's Queens

Portrait of a princess, possibly Catherine Of
Aragon, by Michael Sittow, c1502. In 1502
Catherine was newly widowed by Arthur
Prince of Wales, Henry's older brother.

Catherine Of Aragon c1520, artist unknown:
This portrait, once believed to be of Catherine
Parr, was re-identified in 2008 by National
Portrait Gallery experts and restored.

Anne Boleyn c1533, artist unknown
Jane Seymour by Hans Holbein, c1536/7

Anne Of Cleves by Hans Holbein c1540

Catherine Howard c1540. Portrait disputed,
artist unknown

Catherine Parr attributed to William Scrots c1543

Pictures of Locations

Greenwich Palace: Henry was born here.

Eltham Palace: Henry grew up here - this is the 15th century Great Hall.

St James's Palace: Henry commissioned this palace.

Tower of London: Henry had two of his wives beheaded here.

Windsor Castle: Henry used Windsor Castle for leisure activities,
as a royal court and as a military base.

Hever Castle: Anne Boleyn's childhood home, it passed to Henry
on the death of her father and was given to Anne of Cleves
as part of her divorce settlement.

Hampton Court: Henry received the palace as a gift from Cardinal Wolsey
and extended it considerably. Henry's heir Edward VI
was born here and the boy's mother Jane Seymour died here.

St George's Chapel Windsor: Henry was laid to rest here
beside his favourite wife Jane Seymour.