The one that got away

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Yokozuna Hakuho won his 15th yusho at the recent Nagoya Basho. In an unprecedented move
to shield the Emperor of Japan from association with the scandals currently besetting
sumo, the Japan Sumo Association decided not to award the Emperor's Cup.

If ever a yusho winner deserved the cup, it was Hakuho. Not only did he win with yet another zensho yusho
(perfect score of 15-0), his seventh, but he is currently smashing one 'unbreakable' record after another
and is apparently almost untouchable. Last year he set a record for the most bouts won in a calendar
year (86) and after the recent Nagoya Basho he is on his best ever winning streak of 47 (the third best of all time).

Even his Imperial Highness appeared disappointed that Hakuho did not receive
the trophy and sent his personal congratulations to the Yokozuna.

Original Images used in creation of the morph (All images by Martina Lunau):

Yokozuna Hakuho
Emperor's cup