Cooking one's own goose

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Unlike respected author and political theorist Fukuzawa Yukichi who appears on the 10,000
banknote, former rikishi Kasuganishiki has turned out to be a "bad egg". A self-confessed
illegal gambler, he has also proved to be a kingpin in the match-fixing scandal ravaging sumo
at the moment. He has been effectively dismissed from sumo, but not before naming over 40 of his
colleagues as fellow match-fixers and dragging more than 20 of them down with him.

He might have difficulty in getting a good reference, or any kind of reference, for his future career, now
that he has shown himself to be such an unsavoury character. It looks like he has cooked his own goose.

As for the Kyokai it remains to be seen whether, Phoenix-like, it can rise from the ashes.

Original Images used in creation of the morph:

Kasuganishiki by Martina Lunau