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Although the Emperor's Cup was not awarded in the recent tournament, tournament prizes for fighting spirit and technique were presented.

- Kakuryu, fighting at a sanyaku rank for his fourth consecutive tournament, scored a brilliant 12-3 and could soon be challenging for the rank of ozeki.
- Goeido beat all four ozeki in the first week of the tournament and boasts four consecutive scores in double digits (starting at the top of juryo division).
- Tochinoshin was involved in some of the most exciting action of the tournament, staying in contention for the yusho right up to the final day.
- Kaisei made a superb debut to the maegashira ranks, winning his first 9 bouts and joining fairly select company in the process. Only three other rikishi
have made starts as good as or better than this in their makuuchi debut and two of those, Taiho and Chiyonoyama, went on to become Yokozuna.

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Tournament prizes (sansho)