Letting their hair down

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Highly fancied college boys Sakumayama and Chiyotairyu both had something to celebrate at the recent Hatsu
Basho, winning the makushita and juryo divisions respectively. They both made their ozumo debut in the
May 2011 Technical Examination Tournament and both stand out at their rank because of their short hair,
but they have followed different paths. Sakumayama participated in mae-zumo while Chiyotairyu's amateur
qualifications allowed him to start at the rank of makushita tsukedashi.

Sakumayama has dazzled both by setting a new record of 27 consecutive wins from debut and with his sterling
work ethic. He was seen celebrating the new record with a huge plate of sushi. Chiyotairyu, on the other
hand, failed to impress his stable master by reaching juryo division, which is after all only a short hop
from makushita, with his lazy sumo techniques and his reputed cockiness.

Original Images used in creation of the morph (All images by Martina Lunau):