Which way to the top?

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Young Mongolian Wakamisho has stormed up the banzuke since his debut in January 2011. Scouted by Yokozuna Hakuho
himself, Wakamisho has rapidly found himself as senior rikishi at the tiny Magaki Beya. Conditions there are not
ideal for a rikishi tipped for high rank in the future since the stable master, former Yokozuna Wakanohana II,
is in ill health and unable to take a strong hand in guiding his deshi.

Hard-working, modest and intelligent, Wakamisho has a physique reminiscent of a young Baruto, a rikishi he greatly
admires. Since the beginning of this year when he reached makushita division, Wakamisho has been allowed to visit
other stables to train and has measured himself against other rikishi, including the exciting Egyptian prospect

If he continues on his current path, building on his strengths, Wakamisho may well develop like Baruto, able to bulldoze
anyone on his day. Other routes to the top will also be available to him if he can develop his technique.

Original Images used in creation of the morph (All images by Martina Lunau):


Yokozuna Hakuho

Ozeki Baruto
Ozeki Kakuryu