Great Japanese Hope

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Ever since his promotion to juryo division in May 2004, Kisenosato has been held up by the Japanese people as
"the next Takanohana". He was the second youngest sekitori ever at 17 years and nine months, the youngest
being Takanohana himself. He was also the second fastest rikishi to reach juryo having made his debut under
the age of 16. The fastest was, of course, Takanohana.

The Japanese people have been expecting great things of Kisenosato for almost 10 years now. It has seemed
at times that they have anticipated his rise to Yokozuna as if it was as certain as the sun rising in the east.

Another star rising in the east is Endo, who made his debut as a makushita tsukedashi in March of last
year and has been catapulted into superstardom. The recent Hatsu Basho was only his sixth
tournament and he collected an impressive 11-4 score at a rank of Maegashira #7.

The question now is whether Kisenosato can achieve Yokozuna promotion
before he is replaced in the hearts of the Japanese people by Endo.

Original Images used in creation of the morph (All images by Martina Lunau):

Ozeki Kisenosato

Ozeki Kisenosato