Makuuchi here I come!

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Following knee surgery in July 2013, Georgian Tochinoshin was absent from sumo for 6 months, dropping to
makushita division as a result. In the four basho since his return to competition he has amassed a dominant
cumulative score of 42-2 and won all four yusho. In the recent Aki Basho, he became only the fifth rikishi to
score a zensho yusho (perfect score of 15-0) in juryo division. He will be storming back into makuuchi
division for the upcoming Kyushu Basho.

Russian Amuru was also unlucky enough to suffer a serious knee injury, requiring surgery, in his debut
tournament in juryo division in January 2012, causing him to miss the rest of 2012 and drop to
sandanme division. Eleven consecutive kachi-koshi since his return have brought him to the brink
of making his debut in makuuchi division in November.

Makuuchi means 'inside the curtain'.

Soundtrack: "Here I Come" by Barrington Levy.

Original Images used in creation of the morph (All images by Martina Lunau):