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Two rikishi at different ends of their sumo careers, Takayasu and Kyokutenho both picked up
tournament prizes at the recent Kyushu Basho. Takayasu beat two Yokozuna, bringing his
tally of kinboshi ('gold stars') to four and was awarded a second outstanding performance
prize to go with his two fighting spirit prizes.

On the ninth day of the tournament, evergreen veteran Kyokutenho became the oldest rikishi to
get a winning record in makuuchi division. On the 15th day of the tournament he additionally
became the oldest rikishi to get a double digit winning record in makuuchi. He was rewarded
with his seventh fighting spirit prize.

Takayasu has some age-related records of his own. When he was promoted to juryo division in
November 2010, he and Masunoyama were the first rikishi born in the Heisei Era to become
sekitori. In July 2011 Takayasu was the first Heisei-born rikishi to reach makuuchi division
and in September 2013 he became the first Heisei-born sanyaku rikishi.

Kyokutenho made his sumo debut shortly after Takayasu celebrated his second birthday.

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