Lord of the Ring

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In the recent Hatsu Basho, Yokozuna Hakuho took his 33rd top division title with a zensho yusho (perfect 15-0
championship-winning score), beating the record previouly held by the legendary Taiho. On the way to
beating this record, Hakuho has also beaten a whole host of other records, most notably including
the most wins in a calendar year (86, twice) and number of zensho yusho (11).

Of the records that he doesn't yet hold, possibly the most important is the 69-bout winning streak set by the
great Futabayama in the 1930s. Perhaps he will surpass that record in 2015? Perhaps he will even target
a perfect year with 90 wins and no losses?

If he does that, however, what possible challenge can he set himself for 2016?

Original Images used in creation of the morph:

Yokozuna Hakuho by Martina Lunau