Just des(s)erts

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Following his jun-yusho performance in Osaka in March, Mongolian sekiwake Terunofuji went one better in Tokyo in
May to take his first makuuchi yusho. He was promoted to ozeki following the tournament, receiving his just deserts.

Fellow Mongolian Kagamio won the juryo yusho from Juryo #9 and could well be promoted back up to makuuchi division
for the coming Nagoya Basho. Let us hope he is duly promoted and does not have to fall back on just desserts.

Soundtrack: Roses of Picardy by Haydn Wood, arranged and played by Dr Stephen Ades.   > Listen to whole piece <

Original Images used in creation of the morph (All images by Martina Lunau):

Shin-ozeki Terunofuji