Another Japanese yusho?

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Following Kotoshogiku's yusho in the January tournament there was a great deal of excitement around
the possibility that he would win a second yusho and Yokozuna promotion. Although that was not to
be, the buzz around Kotoshogiku's yusho, the first by a Japanese rikishi in 10 years, galvanised the
other Japanese ozeki into performing at their best at the recent Haru Basho.

Following a surprise defeat for Yokozuna Hakuho on day one of the tournament, Kisenosato sat at the head of the
leaderboard unbeaten up to the end of day 10, while Goeido progressed to the same point with only one loss.
On day 11 Kisenosato met Hakuho and was easily beaten, so that Hakuho, Kisenosato and Goeido were in
a three-way tie for the lead. Normal service was resumed on day 12 when Hakuho beat Goeido and
Kisenosato fell to Harumafuji, leaving Hakuho in the sole lead.

There was still an outside hope of a Japanese yusho as Kisenosato and Goeido both reached day 15
without any further losses. The winner of their day 15 bout against each other could still get into a
play-off if Hakuho were to lose to Harumafuji in the last bout of the day. Hakuho won however
and the hope of another Japanese yusho lay in the dust.

Soundtrack: 'Rhapsody in Blue' by George Gershwin

Original Images used in creation of the morph (All images by Martina Lunau):

Ozeki Kisenosato
Ozeki Goeido

Yokozuna Hakuho