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The lowest ranked makuuchi gyoji, Kimura Ginjiro and Kimura Yonosuke, are more likely to be seen officiating in
juryo due to the fact that there are normally more makuuchi gyoji than needed for the number of bouts in
makuuchi on each day of the basho. They can expect to officiate many bouts in makuuchi in the future however as
they make their slow progress up the division.

With the normal Japanese seniority-based promotion, Kimura Ginjiro cannot expect to proceed to the top rank of
Kimura Shonosuke before May 2038. As Kimura Yonosuke is almost the same age, he may not even get to enjoy
his single basho at the top rank after the retirement of Ginjiro, January 2040, if the Kyokai choose not to promote
him for such a short tenure.

Soundtrack: "Let's go" by Calvin Harris and Shaffer Smith, a number 2 hit single for Calvin Harris in 2012

Original Images used in creation of the morph (All images by Martina Lunau):

Kimura Ginjiro
Kimura Yonosuke