Time to retire

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The recent Natsu Basho saw the retirement of two former sekitori, Asasekiryu and Sadanofuji.

Both had successful careers; Sadanofuji peaked at Maegashira #2 in September 2015 and enjoyed a total of 22 basho in
makuuchi division. Mongolian Asasekiryu had a more illustrious career, with a highest rank of sekiwake, 5 sanyaku
basho and 59 makuuchi basho in which he won 14 tournament prizes.

Neither of them will be spending his retirement with his feet up on the beach; both of them have joined the
coaching staff at their stables where they will help to hone the skills of future sekitori hopefuls.

Soundtrack: 'Guantanamera' by Joseíto Fernández

Original Images used in creation of the morph (All images by Martina Lunau):