Go Myo, Go!

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Gentle and dedicated, with a deep love of sumo, Kotomyozan has had to work
very hard to establish himself at each level. He spent around 18 months in
jonokuchi division before he achieved his first kachi-koshi and has made
slow progress since then to reach lower sandanme.

A long time tsukebito of Kotoshogiku, he applied himself devotedly to that role as well.
Even though we cannot expect him to follow his senior to the rank of ozeki, let us
hope that with time he will be able to make the extra leap to makushita division.

The clay character 'Morph' was featured on British children's television in the 1970s.

Soundtrack: Jump (for my love), written by Steve Mitchell, Marti Sharron and
Gary Skardina for The Pointer Sisters and arranged by Dr Stephen Ades

Original Images used in creation of the morph:

Kotomyozan by Martina Lunau

Dohyo by Martina Lunau
Morph character by Aardman Studios