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19 August 2017    Sumo Morphs - Hakuho wins again and breaks a major record.
18 June 2017    Sumo Morphs - Takayasu is promoted to ozeki, two sekitori veterans retire and two of the yobidashi sing.
22 April 2017    Sumo Morphs - A fiercely fought yusho in makuuchi, two young rikishi bringing the fun back into sumo and two gyoji at the bottom of the makuuchi ladder.
16 February 2017    Sumo Morphs - Time to smile for Kisenosato, sansho winners and rikishi starting in sandanme division.
18 December 2016    Sumo Morphs - We celebrate with balloons, flowers and fireworks and take a trip up to an unusual observation deck.
25 October 2016    Sumo Morphs - Who's going for the rope this time round? Going up, coming down. Old school tie.
20 August 2016    Sumo Morphs - Another great winning streak by Hakuho brought to an end, Mongolians flying and young guys making progress.
11 June 2016    Sumo Morphs - Where is the Incredible Hulk? Will Kisenosato ever overcome his demons? Who has been to hell and back?
16 April 2016    Sumo Morphs - Can a Japanese rikishi triumph again? Who is barking this time? Who is making a secret entrance?
23 February 2016    Sumo Morphs - A sumo champion becomes a figure skater, makushita division is hotly contested and there is laughter in the higher echelons.
13 December 2015    Sumo Morphs - It is Christmas almost every day, we look in the mirror at Versailles and two young guns burn their way up the banzuke.
17 October 2015    Sumo Morphs - Daieisho makes his makuuchi debut, makuuchi veterans compete for juryo and a young Mongolian wins in makushita
22 August 2015    Sumo Morphs - Here we celebrate two veterans at the end of the road, an ozeki fighting to maintain his rank and a courageous man succeeding where many weight watchers have failed.
20 June 2015    Sumo Morphs - Which rikishi are receiving their just des(s)erts, who scored a double-digit winning record and who is celebrating a boost in national identity?
18 April 2015    Sumo Morphs - In this season we feature two young guns marching to the top, the Dr Lao of sumo and a symphony of dogginess.
17 February 2015    Sumo Morphs - What is in store for Hakuho? How did Goeido manage to climb out of his hole? Who are the yobidashi calling?
17 December 2014    Sumo Morphs - What decisions are the headless chickens taking now? What happened to Takarafuji's neck? Who is taking home the prizes?
9 November 2014 King George becomes King George becomes King George?
18 October 2014    Sumo Morphs - This month we feature four rikishi racing up the ranks and three gyoji making a more sedate progress.
24 August 2014    Sumo Morphs - How did Goeido make it to ozeki without anyone noticing? Who is causing the desert to bloom? Why is there a rikishi in the streets of New York?
22 June 2014    Sumo Morphs - The featured rikishi this time will be conducting Beethoven in Vienna, marching in front of samurai warriors and enjoying the sun.
19 May 2014 In April the England cricket team welcomed a new-old coach. Here's what happened...
18 April 2014    Sumo Morphs - You can feel the Japanese pain as one Mongolian after another reaches the ultimate rank of Yokozuna, while the Japanese rikishi just don't seem to know how to follow suit. If only the problem could be solved by creating a contraption like the one featured here! Also featured are Goeido, Yoshikaze, Homasho and Tochinoshin.
18 April 2014 Kumar Sangakkara and Brendon McCullum are two of the most exciting test cricketers to watch, Sangakkara for his exquisite stroke making and McCullum for his explosive power. Both scored triple centuries in February.
18 February 2014    Sumo Morphs - What will foreign fans do now that the cost of the sumo coverage has gone through the roof? Will Kisenosato make Yokozuna? Will Kakuryu grab the yusho? Will any of these questions be answered in this season of Sumo Morphs?
4 January 2014 Henry VIII: The reign of Henry VIII is about more than just his many marriages, but his wives make a great subject for a Morph.
14 December 2013    Sumo Morphs - While the Chiyos are dancing, the Kotos are queueing up for x-rays and the minute Baraki is climbing onto the tips of his toes - could he be practising for the ballet?
23 October 2013 Nasser Hussain is someone I have always respected and liked - an honest and open character full of grit and determination. Despite the superficial similarity, he is nothing like Vladimir Putin. In fact they are worlds apart.
20 October 2013    Sumo Morphs - Aki Basho 2013: A Yokozuna with the weight of the world on his shoulders and two retirements. More wacky locations.
26 August 2013    Sumo Morphs - Nagoya Basho 2013: An abortive Yokozuna promotion attempt, another Mongolian barefoot in the snow and two brothers together in the paid ranks feature in this season's offerings.
2 July 2013 In the first of a planned series of cricket Morphs, the feature for this month is England's previous and current cricket captains, Strauss and Cook.
16 June 2013    Sumo Morphs - Natsu Basho 2013: This Morph set concentrates on three of the rikishi to be promoted to juryo division following the Natsu Basho; Osunaarashi (Great sandstorm) has blown in from Egypt and into the professional ranks with astonishing ferocity. Mongolian Seiro and Kotomisen from the powerhouse Sadogatake Beya are also featured.
25 May 2013 Charles I: I have always liked the stylish van Dyck triple portrait of King Charles I, but little did van Dyck imagine that it would be ideal material for a Morph.
20 April 2013    Sumo Morphs - Haru Basho 2013: In March Sokokurai won his legal case against the Japan sumo association and was reinstated. I wasn't surprised to find that he hadn't been involved in match fixing - after all, I have been wearing a 'Sokokurai is innocent' T-shirt over the last two years. Morphs of Sokokurai, hot-and-cold Goeido and hard-working junior Kotomyozan feature in this round.
15 February 2013 Richard III: In one of the most astonishing archaeological investigations of recent times, the remains of King Richard III were found under a car park, formerly the site of a Greyfriars monastery church. Despite the fact that scholars have for at least the last century cast doubt on the Tudor histories relating to Richard, popular understanding has been slow in catching up. It is time to lay to rest the myth of the Plantagenet monster.
11 February 2013    Sumo Morphs - Hatsu Basho 2013: One of sumo's great characters, Takamisakari, retired following January's grand sumo tournament and this bimonthly offering is dedicated to him.
10 February 2013 My husband was a bit taken aback when I proposed a morph of him flying into the back garden on a broomstick, but gradually warmed to the idea as it took shape. In the event the action takes place 'on location' and the broomstick is not the only form of transport used.